Medical Interpreter and Translator External Language and Interpretation Evaluation Form

This applicant is applying to be a volunteer medical interpreter at Free Access Health Clinic. As a free medical clinic serving uninsured and underinsured adults in Vermont, USA, and staffed by volunteers, we provide essential medical care to individuals of many backgrounds. We have an increasing number of patients whose primary language is not English, so we rely on volunteer medical interpreters to facilitate communication and thus insure high quality medical care.

Please complete the following form and, should you have questions or wish to discuss any part of your evaluation, please contact us at 802-488-5223 or When the form is completed, simply click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. Thank you!

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If yes, please briefly describe
Please describe any hesitations you may have about recommending this individual as a volunteer medical interpreter with our organization. You may attach additional pages as necessary.

Interpretation Performance Levels

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