UVM Medical Center Partnership with Free Access Health Clinic

The Free Access Health Clinic partners with the Health Assistance Program (HAP) at the UVM Medical Center to help eligible low- and middle-income patients who qualify to get access to the following:

Health Insurance: Enrolling in health insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare, including Part D plans.
Eyeglasses: Access to eyeglasses and exams.
Medication: Receiving medications at no cost to them.
Medical Equipment: Durable Medical Equipment financial assistance.
Advocacy and Support: Linkage to community resources to receive advocacy and support.
Additional Assistance: Apply and screen for other benefits such as Food Stamps, financial assistance with hospital medical bills.

How to Obtain Financial Assistance? Here’s how it works!

  1. Patient is seen by Free Access Health Clinic
  2. Free Access Health Clinic refers patient to an assigned contact at UVM Medical Center, Health Assistance Program (HAP). 

Health Assistance Program does not charge any fees to assist a patient with the screening and application process.  It is free.

For more information about our Medication and Diagnostic Lab Financial Assistance Program, please contact us at 802-488-5223.