Healthcare Professionals

We’re looking to collaborate with experienced providers from, but not limited to, the categories listed below.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Osteopaths and Naturopaths
Nurse Practitioners
Registered Nurses
Physician Assistants
Physical Therapists
Mental Health Counselors
Social Workers
Certified Medical Assistants
Application for:

All Healthcare Professionals

Preliminary Information – Read Carefully:

Volunteer Orientation and Policy Manual

Completed Online by Applicant:

As you complete the online forms, simple click on the “submit” button on the bottom of each form.

Additional Documents Needed from Applicant:

These are additional documents needed. Please email them to: Volunteer Supervisor

  • Copy of Current Driver’s License or Passport
  • Copy of Current Vermont Professional License
  • Short Narrative Explaining any Malpractice Claims Against you in the Past 5 years

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Administrative Support

Medical Interpreters and Translators

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